presentazione azienda

AEROSYSTEM LM S.r.l., constituted in 2008 like natural follow-up of AEROSYSTEM FC (1998-2009), offers to own customers personalized solutions and conveniently studied in the within of purification, the treatment air and soundproofing.

It presents in the actual organic highly qualified staff and competing and it is in a position of to operate in varied plant engineering areas, from the civilian to the industrial one, of the metalworker to the pharmaceutical one, until the electric one, chemist and textile, beyond to offer innovative solutions in the field of the aeronautical area.

The services offered by our society expect the assistance in the different phases of the development committed, departing from the planning, continuing in the construction and installation (assemblage) up to the testing and put in final gear of the installation and all of its components, beyond that an efficient service post-sale.

In the following phases our staff is at entire disposition in order to satisfy maintenance requests with the timely supply of the relative pieces of exchange.

The primary purpose of the AEROSYSTEM LM is the resolution of the problems and the satisfaction of the customer, in the respect of the in force normative in the area, operating with the greatest seriousness and professionalism confirmed from the now decennial certification all rule UNI EN ISO 9001.


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Phone. +39 0771 321010

Fax +39 0771 320226


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Via Palazzo, snc
04023 | FORMIA (LT)

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